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Private Sessions

Lessons are offered for beginner through advanced levels and are generally 3-4 hours in length. Most are hands-on, allowing the student(s) to participate in the preparation of the food, asking questions and learning through practical experience. We’ll discuss ingredients, meal planning and recipe specifics. In a typical session, we will prepare 4-5 dishes, you will eat what you make and take a recipe packet home so you can recreate the results in your own kitchen!

Get in touch with Donna to craft a personalized session tailored to your specific goals, skill level and/or dietary needs. The lesson can be organized around a specific skill(s) (knife skills, baking or braising, for example), a specific cuisine or ingredients, or just by simply choosing a set menu (starter through dessert) or a handful of a la carte dishes that appeal to you. 

Classes are given in my Haverford-based kitchen or can be arranged in your home kitchen by special request. Private classes can be scheduled during weekdays Monday-Friday and weekday nights Monday-Thursday. There is limited availability on weekends, so these must be scheduled further in advance. Adult one-on-one sessions are $275 and the price decreases when more people are participating. Children’s classes start at $85/person.

Planning a larger event? We have done a variety of different formats for girls’ nights, couples outings and corporate events, so please get in touch to discuss your specifics.

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